Thursday, May 24, 2012

The End

Upon this brittle path, we see the end. A broken bridge, that we cannot mend.. yet still we move on, still we tread. Down this narrow road, destined for something dead. But it is beautiful for a time. By emotions we are led. Infatuated by this drug like induction, possessed by pleasure, caught up by the corrupt heart's deception. We thought it was something grand, something beyond measure. we built this house on sand. built it upon pure intentions... purely physical and since our world breeds such trivial things, the skies flood our plains. We sink into the soil, the waters drown this small flame that once warmed us. we stand with brittle bones, one strong wind, a brief gust. Our bones beneath us are shivered like glass, we fall to dust. For this love, alas. Was tainted by the flesh, made weak by lust. We couldn’t have expected the drugs to last. We emptied this flask. Now keeping these weary eyes open, proves a difficult task. We have found the end, no more fire to warm us. This child died before it could live, and with it our intoxication. We proved that hope is a poison and not a form of medication so let this shimmer of hope die, Throw it to the dust, no more to give. but one last sigh...a sigh relief Forgive me as i must, withdraw your needle from my vein. Now i finally remember what it is to be sain