Monday, November 18, 2013

Infatuation in Autumn

Restless, my own mind grows my heart weary
cruel that my thoughts would pick at a wound
Yaey, I am in love, but my skies grow dreary
In this memory of you, i find that love is infact a wound
You must impale a heart in order to enter
Darling, you've done just this.
Your affection slithered into my center
From moments of intimacy and bliss
Even in the moment i come to miss
So quickly you found your way here,
you've given me something beautiful
from your affection i felt so whole
Then why, why must I feel so melancholy
Why must my fire grow so dull
My heart strings play a plaintive melody
For thee, my passion, from this wound spills
Parched throat; quenched by yours intamcy
I was inspired by your beauty
Does it's value exceed it's cost
Beauty is but a passing winter frost
Here for a time, then graciously lost.