Wednesday, December 14, 2011

down narrow valleys of strife we trail and tread
and even though not a thing in us or wind is said
it is verily known that the world will soon end
but on the faces of death dealers and charity's leaders
there places a long an easy grin for all we ever desired
was the end not portrayed however in what we said
but what we so longed for is to be dead
our hopes and passions destined for heaven
 although maybe I'm quite mistaken
that something so grand can be lowly taken
maybe it's but a road to hell we are making
full of good intentions, but we are faking
and of heavens grasp we are shaken
so the end, we fear, being swallowed and forsaken

1 comment:

  1. deep your words run through the deeper veins of the soul...nicely put, and i love that you put the rhyme in the rhythm.