Sunday, April 11, 2010

Words Without Works

There's a difference between knowing something, and actually realizing it. I can know things, as remembering a formation of words, but it means nothing until I actually apply them to their definition and comprehend the meaning. An alcoholic can admit his flaws with words, and tell himself that he is an alcoholic, but they could be just words, falling futile from the lips. Words are in need of action, the tongue is too weak to hold promises true, they must be consumed for what they are. However, both actions and words in truth mean nothing, if you don't come to fully comprehend the meaning of these words or actions, then they mean nothing.
I have certain problems, that for years have just gone by as a words, a mere oral work of the words: 'i have a problem.' For so long those words were spoken premature. i did not consider their meaning, and therefor, the problem persisted. It took a friend's help, to show me of the truth of my problem. I awoke with clarity. Now i take action in shedding away the skins of my former self. Scrapping away this growth of my problem that has clung to me for all too long.

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