Sunday, May 9, 2010

As long as I am confined within my own body, i will always have the potential of corruption. I have voices in my head, that most would call thoughts, but their words contradict my own true beliefs and feelings. however my feelings are at war with what i think at times too. But it seems inevitable, to think wickedly, to curse others in ones own mind. What terrible people we could be if we acted upon every thought.
The character Alex in A Clockwork Orange, it scares me to think that we all have this potential of such evil, either we do not listen to this devil hanging on our left ear, or it is just for fear of the law, or maybe compassion, but nevertheless it is there. i have attempted to shut it out, yet it seems a difficult task. my own thoughts are my enemy, how am i to conquer a piece of my own mind.
So as not to feel responsible for these thoughts, i imagine as though they are the words of another's. a character that follows me everywhere, a character that others do not see. He cuts me with his malicious words, and i cut him with my words of things that are good. I have begun to write a short story of this setting, still wondering how it will turn out.
the best way it seems, to be rid of a bad thought, is to counter it with something good. part of my thoughts might be insulting of someone, it's quite irritating, however i suppress it with a compliment.

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